Affiliate Groups

Loudoun County Republican Women's Club

  • Jan Hollingshead - President
  • Gloria Carlineo - 1st Vice President
  • Debra Arthur - 2nd Vice President
  • Rose Follett - Corresponding Secretary
  • Virginia Dansey - Recording Secretary
  • Bernadette Miller - Treasurer

The Loudoun County Republican Women's Club (LCRWC) is chartered at the state level by the Virginia Federation of Repubican Women (VFRW) and at the national level by the National Federation of Repubican Women (NFRW). The NFRW is America's foremost political organization bringing together women to positively impact the direction of our nation. We come together as a collective force advancing the power of women through political access and participation. Our mission is to see women from all age groups, walks of life and ethnicity's as key players at the political table on national, state and local issues. We have a growing and dynamic group in Loudoun County and are proud to say we have women elected officials at all levels of government serving both locally and in Richmond. Check out our website and join us!

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Loudoun County Young Republicans

  • Michael Monrroy - Chairman
  • Sharon Sadler - Vice Chair
  • Ryan Nichols - Secretary
  • Andrew Mullins - Treasurer

The Young Republicans are an auxiliary of the Republican Party for adults aged 18-40 who support the party. The Loudoun County Young Republicans is the YR chapter that represents Loudoun County, and we also have a close working relationship with the Loudoun County Republican Committee. The LCYRs have built a reputation as the "doers" in the party -- if you need something done, come to us, we'll make it happen. We bring energy and creativity to the party.