Resolution Commending Congressman Frank Wolf

October 23, 2006

WHEREAS, Congressman Frank Wolf is working tirelessly in the U.S. House of Representatives to make Virginia and America a better place to live, learn, work and raise a family; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf has strengthened America's national defense and homeland security; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf has reduced the tax burden on families and small business owners; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf, since his election to the U.S. House of Representatives was among the Republican leaders who ushered in the revolution in governance under the late President Ronald W. Reagan; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf understands the importance of upholding the rule of law in our immigration policies, both for the security of this country and to promote stable employment at a fair wage for her citizens; and

WHEREAS, as a member of House Appropriations Committee, which oversees the budgets of all federal agencies, Congressman Wolf has consistently sought to serve his constituents first; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf was elevated to the Chairmanship of the Subcommittee on Science, the Department of State, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Commerce, in the 107th Congress; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf has consistently supported policies that directly benefit the Dulles high-tech corridor, and obtained Justice Department funding to combat gangs locally and methamphetamine production in the Shenandoah Valley; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf addressed issues including truck safety, combating drunk driving and expanding mass transit to Dulles Airport while Chairman of the Transportation Appropriations subcommittee; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf is widely respected for his commitment to expanding basic human rights around the world, having called attention to human rights abuses and religious persecution in the People's Republic of China, Tibet, Romania, Chechnya, Bosnia, East Timor and the Darfur region of the Sudan; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf has traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria and Israel to gain firsthand knowledge of how to defend our nation from terrorist threats and to promote more stable government abroad; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Wolf is one of the nation's leading elected opponents of gambling, and has supported laws to stem the spread of gambling and reduce its devastating effects on families and communities; now therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Loudoun County Republican Committee commends the leadership of Congressman Frank R. Wolf, and urges him to continue to fight for the interests of this Commonwealth, her citizens and the United States of America; and be it further

RESOLVED that the Loudoun County Republican Committee calls upon our fellow citizens to join us in re-electing Congressman Wolf on November 7th, 2006.

Adopted this 23rd day of October 2006

Paul B Protic; Chairman,

Loudoun County Republican Committee