Bob Anderson – Commonwealth Attorney

Bob Anderson
Commonwealth Attorney

Bob Anderson, who previously served as Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney from 1996 to 2003, is seeking re-election to the office with the aim of providing stability and a strong commitment to community safety. A resident of Loudoun County for over four decades, Bob and his family have a deeply rooted connection to the area. His dedication to community safety is personal, driven by his desire to protect the place he calls home.

During Bob's tenure as Commonwealth Attorney, his wife Mary Beth taught at Elmrick Elementary School, where she made a lasting impact on her students by viewing education as more than just a job. Bob himself holds an MBA from Shippensburg University and is a graduate of the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.

The Commonwealth Attorney's office under Bob Anderson was known for its high morale, strong focus on prosecuting violent crime, and successful resolution of a 20-year-old cold case involving a serial killer, which resulted in a life sentence.

Bob is passionate about the pursuit of justice, protection of victims, and ensuring the safety of our communities and children. He plans to implement an aggressive strategy to combat violent crime, sending a clear message that career criminals will face full prosecution in Loudoun County. Furthermore, Bob is committed to supporting criminal justice reform and juvenile reform efforts.

Understanding the importance of reducing the burden on taxpayers, Bob intends to seek all available state and federal grant funding. He is a staunch supporter of law enforcement and plans to fully support their efforts while fostering positive community relationships, as he did during his previous terms as Commonwealth Attorney.

Bob Anderson is running because the current Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office is broken and non-functioning. After years of being the steady hand Loudoun County needed, Bob is once again answering the call to ensure our county is safe and promises transparency, coordination, and cooperation throughout all county departments and with the constituents he serves. As a unifying force, Bob is the ideal candidate for Commonwealth Attorney, ready to bridge divides and serve the community with dedication and integrity.


Transparency - From the very first day in office, Bob will prioritize transparency within the Commonwealth's office, fostering open communication between departments directly involved in case matters. He recognizes that difficulties can arise when elected officials become distant from the communities they serve, leading to disconnection and misunderstandings.

To prevent this, Bob is committed to implementing an open-door policy, making it easy for citizens to access and engage with their elected leader. He will actively attend community meetings and events, ensuring that he remains connected, approachable, and fully informed about the concerns and needs of the people he serves.

Coordination - It is essential for all departments to build strong rapport and maintain cohesiveness. This begins with understanding each department's needs and keeping everyone informed about the progress of cases, as this directly impacts their responsibilities. Recognizing that no department is more important than another, our success hinges on effective collaboration and seamless communication between all parties involved.

Cooperation - The success of the Commonwealth Attorney's office depends on the collective efforts of inter-agencies, rather than individual actions. All departments and their members play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our community, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and unity in achieving our shared goals.

Communication - As the Commonwealth Attorney, Bob Anderson pledges to maintain an open line of communication and an open-door policy with other departments, just as he has done in the past. Effective communication between departments is crucial, and under his leadership, he intends to set an exemplary standard for fostering collaboration and promoting transparency - working for YOU and keeping your family safe.

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