Colin Doniger

Colin Doniger is a 15 year resident of Leesburg, where he current lives with his wife and two young children.  Colin served in the U.S. Army from 2000 – 2005, and has spent his career since then in the field of physical security and risk management.  Mr. Doniger has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Security and Management from University of Phoenix, and holds numerous industry certifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP).  He is also a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and teaches several weekly yoga classes in Leesburg. 

Mr. Doniger has been an active participant in standing up to the maladministration of the Loudoun County School Board.  He was an applicant to the Leesburg temporary school board appointment last December (2021).  He was also one of the three Loudoun parents to bring the successful lawsuit against the Loudoun School Board over their unlawful mask mandate, restoring medical decision-making rights to parents.

Colin believes in being proactive rather than reactive, and that we can do more as a community to protect our children.  He will seek to create a commission to look at low cost methods to improve law enforcement and security presence in places where children congregate.  Additionally, he will seek to properly staff the Leesburg Police Department by reinstating officers (as well as Town employees) who lost their jobs to the Town vaccine mandate when the current Town Council majority decided to put ideology ahead of safety.

Colin will seek to limit growth in the form of multistory buildings downtown to keep traffic to minimum and maintain Leesburg’s historic charm.  This approach will also extend to Town administration to prevent tax increases.  Mr. Doniger understands the financial burden that inflation has put on residents and will not add to that through tax increases.  He prefers to reduce the size of the current administration through attrition and limiting growth in this present time where it does not make sense to add financial burden to the citizens of Leesburg.

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