LCSB Under Democrat Party Governance

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Loudoun County School Board Under Democrat Party Governance

Like other institutions in Loudoun County and across the United States, the Loudoun County School Board (LCSB) was hijacked by radical left Marxists.  Instead of focusing on curriculum and teaching excellence, it has instead focused on social justice and radical gender ideology. This is all in an effort to sow division and confusion among adults and children.  It did so, despite the strong opposition from the population of Loudoun County and protests against its policies.   The LCSB follows the narrative established by the National Democrat Party to impose its ideology, to set parents against each other, and to favor teacher union interests over children’s interests.  Wokeism is the tool they use to separate kids from their parents. 

The LCSB is profoundly anti-science; this was clearly revealed by the covid lockdowns.  LCPS remained closed despite private schools remaining open in order to serve the best interests of parents and children as opposed to the public education machine.  They insisted on keeping schools closed and they wanted to continue masking students which led to a confrontation with Governor Youngkin.  Wearing masks by students was proven to be ineffective and there was scientific data to support that assertion.  The student wore their masks on their chins and all the administration and the government cared about was that it was worn to virtue signal one’s care for society.  The mask policies kept in place by LCPS were a failure for students.  Students that were already struggling in school were even more adversely affected.  They should have followed the Sweden example, but they did not care to understand the science.  The School Board and the county supervisors just followed the Democrat party narrative.  It was catastrophic for our students, but they did not care because the teachers’ unions across the United States did not want to return to in-class education.

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