Loudoun County Democrat Board of Supervisors

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Loudoun County Democrat Supervisors

Loudoun County, Virginia, is a microcosm of what Democrats have been doing nationally for the past several years. Specifically, Loudoun Democrat Supervisors, led by Chair Randall, have been incorporating their party’s totalitarian, collectivist, and woke ideas into our local government. Examples include:

  • Adhering to many “whatever” national Democrats established as “the narrative,”
  • Incorporating partisan, radical, left policies into government operations (party ideology + government = fascism),
  • Favoring people based on their skin color rather than their qualifications,
  • Believing that there are more than two genders,  
  • Believing that there are innocent people in prisons,
  • Using “Gun-Free Zone” window stickers to fight hardened murderers, 
  • Favoring public education that is controlled by hard-left ideology with limited parental rights,
  • Attacking the Sheriff system by attempting to hire an alternative police force they could control,
  • Making legislative decisions without regard for facts and data, and 
  • Rejecting widely-accepted concepts of right and wrong in favor of actions that promote the Democrat Party’s totalitarian goals.  

By looking at their voting records, their misleading, misdirecting, unsophisticated arguments, and the childish reasoning they used to support their legislative hooliganism, one must conclude that they are radical left lunatics who are far less interested in delivering basic services than in following the Democrat Party dogmas to bring more power to themselves.  

Currently, our local government is not transparent.  For example, citizens must pay for government-operations-related information instead of the government simply keeping the public informed on how our tax dollars are being spent.  They routinely make decisions that are not in the best interest of all the residents of the County.   Taxpayers only learned after the fact that Critical Race Theory consultants were paid $100s of thousands of our tax dollars to re-educate our teachers to value our children based on the color of their skin.  What else has been going on? Is there corruption? Where are our tax dollars being spent specifically? The Loudoun County Democrat Supervisors keep us in the dark on purpose. 

In 2023, every Loudoun County voter must demand, via our elections, a clean and transparent government. Chair Randall and the Democrats on the BOS have shown us through their actions that transparency or good government are not their priorities. Simply put, they are not healthy for our county, and we need to replace them at the ballot box in 2023.

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