Michelle Suttle – Broad Run Supervisor

Michelle Suttle
Broad Run Supervisor

Michelle is passionate about putting our community first. With a strong focus on education, responsible development, small business support, and community engagement, Michelle has a clear vision for the future of Broad Run and Loudoun County.

Michelle understands the importance of education in our community and will work tirelessly to ensure that our schools have the necessary resources and support to provide a high-quality education for all students. She believes in transparent decision-making, active community engagement, and increased teacher pay to improve our schools and prepare our students for success in the 21st century.

Michelle also recognizes the need for responsible community development that preserves the character and quality of Loudoun. She will work with stakeholders to manage growth in a sustainable and responsible manner, while ensuring that our natural resources and green spaces are protected for future generations.

As a strong advocate for small businesses, Michelle will support local entrepreneurship and economic development. She will work to create a business-friendly environment that fosters innovation, growth, and provides resources and support for our local businesses to thrive. Michelle understands that small businesses are vital to our community's prosperity, and she will work tirelessly to promote their success.

Community engagement is at the core of Michelle's campaign. She believes that decisions affecting Broad Run and Loudoun County as a whole should be made with the input and involvement of our residents. Michelle will actively engage with the community through town hall meetings, listening sessions, and other forms of outreach to gather input and ensure that the voices of our residents are heard and represented in county-level decisions.

With Michelle as our Broad Run Supervisor, we can trust that our community's needs will be prioritized. Her unwavering commitment to education, responsible development, small business support, and community engagement will make a positive impact on our district and on Loudoun County.

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