Patrick Wilt

Mr. Wilt has been a Leesburg resident since 2014 and the founder and owner of Black Walnut Brewery in the Leesburg Historic District since 2016. He is married to Molly Wilt and has twin daughters and four teenage stepchildren. Mr. Wilt’s education includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. He began his professional career as an engineer with Ford Motor Company. Later, he worked in management consulting with Ernst & Young and other boutique firms before specializing in financial services and leading organizations at USAA, Capital One, and Fannie Mae.

After leaving the corporate world in 2016, Mr. Wilt founded Black Walnut Brewery in the historic district. As a property owner and business owner, he and has become deeply familiar with Leesburg’s small business community, town ordinances, and tax structures along with Leesburg’s strengths and improvement opportunities. He has first-hand experience with the barriers to small business and the inconsistencies in town regulations and it treatment of residents.

Everyday Leesburg property owners and business owners are regularly dismissed by Town administrative processes. However, wealthy property owners, business owners, and developers regularly receive special approvals and exceptions from Town ordinances and requirements. Leesburg government should work for everyone – no special treatment for political donors or the well connected.

Leesburg residents’ taxes are too high. Property taxes have recently increased again – up to 25% in some cases. On top of this, residents are required to pay dual property taxes to both Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg. This burden on residents needs to be reduced.

The cost of living and conducting business in Leesburg has become too burdensome. All residents pay 3.5% restaurant tax on every meal in Leesburg on top of the general sales tax. Businesses pay a percentage of sales annually for a business license and this cost is passed onto residents and customers. In addition, most business are required to pay for multiple permits which are renewed annually with more fees – again, these costs are passed onto residents and customers.

Mr. Wilt is running for Leesburg Town Council to help preserve Leesburg’s strengths and to help propel Leesburg toward a more positive, prosperous, and equitable future that works for everyone.

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