Tiffany Polifko

Tiffany Polifko is the mother of two children in Loudoun County Public Schools and has worked
in the field of special education for over 20 years. She has taught students with learning
disabilities, emotional disabilities, and autism both in public and private schools, in the general
education and special education setting.

In 2014, Tiffany became a licensed behavior analyst in VA, specializing in assessment,
development of behavioral treatment plans, and the supervision of behavior therapists delivering
applied behavior analysis services to children with autism. She has been an advocate for parents
and students with special needs, working to ensure that they receive individualized, critical
services to improve the quality of their lives.

Over the past two years, Tiffany has personally witnessed a decline in her children’s test scores
as well as an increase of political and ideological influence in curriculum, particularly in English
at the middle school level. Special interest groups have infiltrated social emotional learning to
further their agenda of the socio-political development of children. These groups are profiting
while pushing ideas, attitudes, and opinions that may be in direct contrast with parent values.
Parents have a fundamental right to the education and upbringing of their children. They know
their children best. Loudoun County Public Schools must create avenues for dialogue between
parents and the very people in charge of creating policies, and not with special interest groups
who have no skin in the game.

Loudoun County teachers deserve better. They deserve to be stakeholders in their trainings. They
know their students better than the special interest groups who push their fad product of the day
which often yields little to no evidence of quantitative, measurable outcome for the better.
Tiffany believes we must put children first because they are the future of this country, and she is
running for school board to call for a restoration of excellence in Loudoun County schools,
champion parents’ rights, and take care of teachers.

Her website: https://tiffanyforbroadrun.com

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