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Rep. Jennifer Wexton (VA-10) is a Shameless Totalitarian 

Irrespective of if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should be repulsed by Rep. Wexton’s voting.  She supports every failed progressive policy.  She is a complete disgrace who undermines our lives and livelihoods.  

Let’s count the ways she subtracts from society: 

  • We are in debt $31T, and Wexton votes for ever more out-of-control spending.  This debt will eventually destroy us, but she does not care that hard-earned money is being wasted on things that do not improve our quality of life.  She does not evaluate the effectiveness of programs and if programs generate more value than they cost. 
  • She defends her spending and her positions with stupid arguments as if she was in high school.  She offends common sense, and she thinks we are just dumb enough to listen to her ridiculous framing of arguments.  
  • Crime in DC is sky-high, and someone gets killed or stabbed on a daily basis.  So, what did Wexton do to reduce crime?  She did the opposite.  She voted for a bill that reduces penalties on criminals.  Why?  Because criminals are a natural Democrat constituency — why do you think Democrats want to give rights to felons sooner than later?  Democrats want to have society at war, and they promote criminal behavior.
  • Abortion until birth.  Of course.  In the Western world, people impose some sensible limits on abortion, like 12-15 weeks until viability.  This heartless monster thinks that it’s okay to kill a baby in utero.  Shameless.  
  • She has zero respect for our tax dollars.  She wants to take as much as possible from us and have the political system decide how that money is spent.  She reduces our economic freedoms, especially when this money is misspent.  
  • Erasing women — she favors biological males participating in female sports.   This is sort of like letting boxers who weigh 250 lb. join in the 115 lb. weight category to beat their opponents to a pulp.  What kind of crazy idea is it to let males destroy female sports? 
  • FBI and other agencies spied on citizens and censored our speech.  It interfered in elections by making false stories about a laptop being Russian disinformation.  Wexton supports Democrat party orthodoxy.  She stands with the Deep State. 
  • She favors any idea that limits our economic and political freedoms.  More taxes — check.  Public schools with indoctrination — check.  Defund police — check.  Election cheating — check.
  • She has not solved a single societal problem.  Not even one.  For her, all solutions mean more spending and more control over our society.    

She is a disgrace to humanity.  She has been a part of a fascist takeover of society — we can see that in her voting record and her speeches.   We wish she would just go away.

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