Why Did We Become Republicans?

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Why Did we Become Republicans?

“I’m a single mother to a mixed-race high school athlete who has thrived in the Loudoun County school system. That was until CRT started to get woven into the curriculum. My son went from a well-adjusted young man to a victim in which “the system” owed him something. This attitude was not learned in my household. That’s when I knew I had to leave the Democratic party, parenting as a single mom is hard enough and their policies are working against my family.”

“Safety and security within Loudoun County is important to me as an Asian-American (education only ranks higher!). When the Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj announced in early 2023 that she would no longer prosecute misdemeanor charges (hit & run, eluding police, trespassing, etc.)  I was shocked and started researching her more fully (like her, I graduated from GMU and I voted for her for that reason). I was shocked to learn that George Soros had funded her campaign. Their values and mine do not align in terms of the law and accountability for breaking our laws.”

I was a Democrat until 2020. The worst decision our politicians ever made was locking down smart people because it gave us the time to research what was happening to our way of life. When then Governor-elect Youngkin focused on a family-centered approach to things like education – and the important role of parents in our children’s lives – I made the switch. As an educated black man, I couldn’t take the race-hustling platform of the Democratic party, especially from former Governor McAuliffe. I’m not a partisan, therefore I’m not a single-issue voter.” 

“I moved over to the Republican party when the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, especially Chairwoman Randall, attempted to add a police department to take over some of the law enforcement functions of our Sheriff’s office, like investigations. This made no sense to me, the voters get to elect our Sheriff, so it just seemed like a power-hungry move that could have terrible consequences for our community – like a politicized police force.”

“Both of my parents immigrated to America in the late 1960’s, they came here the “right way” and eventually started a family. Me and my brothers watched them work hard to achieve the “American Dream” which they finally did – their dream of a modest home, a family-owned business and freedom. I watch now how they are living, their modest home is now surrounded by gangs. I am afraid for them, and I am afraid for my kids and their future. I switched to Republican in 2018 as I liked President Trump. I remain a Republican because of the disaster on our southern border and the consequences to immigrant communities overall.”

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