Ana Quijano

Ana Quijano

Ana Quijano announced her candidacy for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors - Ashburn District at the November 28th meeting of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. Quijano said she will seek the GOP nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Mike Turner in the November 2023 election.

 If elected, Quijano would be the first Latina to serve on the Loudoun Board.

During her address, Quijano, a Catholic music teacher and former concert violinist, said she wants to be a champion for the county’s working families, including teachers, firefighters, EMTs, Sheriff’s deputies and local police officers.

“I moved from a condo to a basement apartment due to the increased cost of living in Loudoun.” said Quijano, a single mom of two girls. “I experience each day what other families are dealing with, such as inflation, taxes, and the high cost of living.”

She added, “I was adopted from Colombia as a baby and grew up in Leesburg. It pains me to see the direction Loudoun has been going these last few years. Who better to manage a county budget than a single mom who lives paycheck to paycheck and knows how to provide for her family with a limited budget.”

 In brief, Quijano opposes massive high rise developments and supports smart development growth. She also said she would work to repeal the plastic bag tax, calling it a “nuisance tax.”

Quijano, being a domestic abuse survivor, also spoke about the need to support law enforcement and first responders. “I know how important our First Responders are. I am committed to our law enforcement officers and our combined fire-rescue system. I will be their strongest advocate on the board, whether they live in the county or not."

Quijano is endorsed by former Loudoun Supervisor Mick Staton, who served from 2004-2008 and was the first Chairman of the Transportation and Land Use Committee. “I am proud to support Ana to represent Ashburn on the Board,” Staton said. “As a working mom, Ana knows how important it is to keep Loudoun on a tight spending leash. She will be a strong advocate for parents and will fight to maintain the family-friendly communities we know and love here in Ashburn.”

Quijano is also endorsed by former Ashburn District Supervisor Ralph Buona (2012-2019), who served as Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Finance and Government Services Committee "I am pleased to endorse Ana for Supervisor,” Buona said. “She will hold the line on development and taxes. She is committed to strengthening our schools and vocal in her support for public safety. She is committed to Loudoun County's Law Enforcement and the Combined Fire-Rescue System."

 Both former board members serve on Quijano’s advisory team. She has also been endorsed by Leesburg Town Councilmember Suzanne Fox, Republican activist Michelle Black-Staton and former Republican candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia, Puneet Ahluwalia.

Quijano has a BA. from George Mason University and is completing her master’s in Secondary Education. She attends church at her home parish of St. Theresa Catholic Church in Ashburn and frequently attends mass at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Leesburg and Our Lady of Hope in Potomac Falls.

To learn more about Ana and her platform, please visit her website at www.anaforloudoun.com.

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