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Virginia House and Senate Democrats Voting Priorities 

VA House and Senate Democrats

Once upon a time, like 20 years ago, Democrats were still sane.  They had reasonable views on anything from crime to immigration.  More recently, they became insane.  They do not hide their goals anymore, and their policies are designed to make us quarrel with one another, reduce our political and economic freedoms, and help Democrats merge their priorities with government operations.  They are doing everything to undermine our lives and our civilization.

Democrats went full Fascist.  They are not even hiding their contempt for civilized norms. They want to enslave or destroy us.  Here are some 2023 session bill examples that GOP proposed, and either all or nearly all Democrats opposed them.  Democrats do not stand up for regular people; they stand for themselves, for more power for the government, and for the Democrat Party. 


GOP wants you to show an ID to prove who you are, just like you show an ID at the airport, at the bank, or to enter most government buildings.  

GOP wants to clean up voter rolls so that dead people do not pollute voting rolls.   We want clean elections.  Democrats want to increase opportunities to cheat in elections.  They are not interested in election integrity. 


GOP wanted to keep schools safe with School Resource Officers.  

GOP adopted a non-discriminatory approach to student achievement irrespective of their race.  

GOP did not want teachers to tell children that one race is superior to another.

GOP wants parents to be notified when the school is assisting with their child’s “gender transition”.

GOP wants to protect girls and women’s sports from male athletes.


GOP wanted to protect a hospital patient’s right to a visit from their clergy.  Democrats wanted nothing of it.


GOP wanted to lower your taxes.

GOP wanted to keep vehicle registration taxes the same.  

Democrats want to make the size of government larger so they vote for higher taxes. 


GOP wants students to have free speech guaranteed on college campuses.

GOP favored a bill to protect public-sector employees who express views about government resolutions, policies, and laws.

Democrats want to institutionalize censorship and any speech that they do not like. 


GOP wants to ban biological males from participating in female sports because they are not and never will be females.  GOP does not want to indulge someone’s fantasies at the cost of erasing women from sports.  

Biological males are free to compete against other biological males, but not against females.

Why?  Exactly for the same reason that 250 lb. boxers are prevented from participating in the same weight class as 115 lb. boxers.  The latter would have no chance of winning.  So why do Democrats insist that women who usually would not win against men are forced to compete with them?  Because Democrats are evil and because they want to erase women. 

But for Democrats, it is more important to favor a tiny minority to attack women and to create more discord in society.  So, they voted against this common-sense bill.   

GOP in the US House of Representatives passed a bill to protect women in sports. 



Have you ever seen mobs of young people, mostly minorities, run into stores to rob and steal?  There are many videos on the Internet to that effect.  Should store owners be protected against such organized theft?  Should honest customers be burdened by higher prices due to theft?

GOP voted to crack down on organized theft/flash mob theft from stores.  

GOP voted to curtail and defang violent criminal gangs.

On the other hand, Democrats support criminals, and they want to make it cheaper for them to rob and steal.


GOP wanted to make sure that all information about criminals is available, that voting on parole is done in public meetings, that the majority of board members must be present in a meeting, and that prisoners must be interviewed.  GOP wanted to minimize the chance that criminals are not released to hurt others.  In other words, there needs to be accountability for conducting a discretionary release of criminals.  Democrats do not like accountability.  

Health Care/Medical Freedom DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST IT.

Hospital bills are often outrageously high. Hospitals hide details and do not tell you how much you will pay until after you are discharged from the hospital.  They want you to be stuck with high bills.  Democrats stand with hospitals hiding costs away from patients.

GOP wanted hospital bill transparency and stood up for patients’ rights to keep hospitals accountable.  


They all voted against a bill that requires employee permission before public-sector union dues are deducted from the paycheck.

Democrats want employees to belong to a private club (that is a union) as a condition of employment.  Why?  Because they rely on the union’s campaign contributions to get elected.  So, they want to force employees to be members of unions. 

Addressing Opioid/Fentanyl Crisis DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST IT.

We have a fentanyl crisis, and we should be doing everything to make it more costly to distribute this poison.  GOP proposed two bills to do exactly that.  One was to increase the penalties for selling fentanyl, which we know is the number one driver of fatal opioid overdoses in America.  The other was to declare the distribution of fentanyl an act of terrorism.   Democrats decided to protect their criminal constituency from the legal repercussions of distributing fentanyl. 

Reasonable Abortion Rules DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST IT.

Most of the GOP stands for European-style regulation of pregnancies such as informed consent, born-alive protection, and abortion restrictions after 12-15 weeks.  Democrats would have nothing of it.  They are not interested in any middle-of-the-road solution.  They are extremists with regard to abortion.  

They voted against prenatal child support and against a bill to provide information to pregnant women on government websites (providing resources, and services information). 


Back in 2022, GOP introduced House Bill 787 to teach kids not to presume that one race is better than the other.  Racist Democrats disagreed; they wanted the consideration of race. 

Teaching or promotion of certain concepts in public elementary and secondary education; declaration as an unlawful and discriminatory practice. Declares it an unlawful and discriminatory practice for any local school board or employee or contractor thereof to teach any public elementary or secondary school student to believe or promote to any such student as valid the belief that (i) one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex; (ii) an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously; (iii) an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment solely or partly because of the individual’s race or sex; (iv) an individual’s moral character is necessarily determined by the individual’s race or sex; or (v) an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex, but permits any local school board or employee or contractor thereof to teach to any public elementary or secondary school student content that includes the past or present belief, by any individual or group, in any such concept.

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