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GOP vs Democrats

Democrats Protect Criminals 

Of course, they do.  Chair Randall thinks that there are innocent people in prisons.  When VA House and Senate Democrats vote against higher penalties for fentanyl distributors, you know they are supportive of criminals.  Otherwise, why would they make it cheaper for them to peddle their poisons?  Do you think that store owners should be protected against minority mobs entering stores and robbing everything in sight?  GOP thinks so, as do all normal people … except for Democrats.  They vote against laws that will make it harder for criminals to commit crimes.


Why is that so?  Democrats do it for two reasons.  The overwhelming majority of criminals are Democrats.  So, the party needs to protect and nurture its own.  Second, the more the society is attacked, the better it is for Democrats because it is easier to control such people. 


That is why Democrats never attack criminals who kill people; instead, they focus on guns to deflect attention from the real problem … Democrat thugs and criminals.  This gives them the opportunity to reduce gun access to law-abiding citizens. 


Just how ridiculous is the Democrats’ focus on guns?  Watch this video to see for yourself.  You must be an uninformed voter to fall for this nonsense.  That is why Democrats favor voters who know little because they fall for their propaganda. 



Democrats Prefer Uninformed Voters  

The less you know, the more likely you are to vote for Democrat candidates.  Why?  Because every Democrat argument falls apart upon closer examination.  That is why Democrats do not want to debate the merits of policies; they prefer shadow banning, canceling, and censoring their opponents.   

How do you know you are an uninformed voter?  Do you believe in the following?


  • There are more than two genders.  There are only two genders with a minute minority of people who are mentally or physically in a confused state. 
  • When you think that corporations pay taxes.  Sure, they collect taxes, but taxes are paid by customers, employees, and shareholders.  Corporations do not pay taxes.   Where would they get money to do so?
  • When you think that criminals should not be sent to prison but rehabilitated.  You clearly do not understand that a tiny minority commits most crimes.  Recently, 327 shoplifters were arrested for a combined 6,000 thefts.  Some people should be locked up.
  • When you think that K-12 education delivered by government employees is the best deal for students.  You clearly fail to understand how ineffective government schools are, the propaganda fed to students, and how the “power of exit” competitive education would improve education.
  • When you ask a typical liberal Democrat how many unarmed blacks are killed by the police each year, they come up with “several hundred”.  The true figure is about 15 — in a country of 300M people. 
  • When you think that the rich do not pay their “fair share”.  As a group, they do pay and then some more.  There is a reverse problem; the bottom 50% of taxpayers pay something like 3% of federal taxes.  They do not have skin in the game.  
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