Chair Randall Imposed Unions on Loudoun County Taxpayers to Perpetuate Democrats’ Power

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Chair Randall Imposed Unions on Loudoun County Taxpayers to Perpetuate Democrats’ Power

The 2023 Loudoun County Board of Supervisors elections are about several important issues such as out-of-control spending, disrespect of taxpayers, and culture wars that promote Marxist ideology.  

Republican BOS candidates will call for lower property taxes and less spending; whereas, Democrats just want to keep spending. We are already $1.7B in debt.  

There are more dark clouds hanging over Loudoun taxpayers and voters. Public sector unions are being used by Chair Randall to hijack the government. Chair Randall does not give a damn about people who disagree with her. Now, she wants to weaponize the government with unions.  

Unionization of County employees is a well-known tactic that Democrats use to infest government with unions, give them raises, and then get campaign contributions to get re-elected. Chair Randall is very supportive of unions. Taxpayers are stuck with liabilities associated with their salaries and pensions.  NY, NJ, and IL taxpayers offer real-world examples of the pitfalls. Do we need a union-driven agenda in Loudoun County over the people’s agenda? All are paid by taxpayers many of whom resent their taxes going up to support excessive union wages. We call such relationships between politicians and unions “corruption.”  

Do we want government employees who bring about inefficient practices, who want exemptions from some tasks, who will be asking for zero-premium health insurance, and who blackmail taxpayers with their demands?

This is not about Democrats versus Republicans. It is about having a clean government that is focused on the right agenda and accepting that our current leadership is headed in the wrong direction. We need new management on our BOS to oversee the delivery of transparent services to taxpayers. 

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