Debra Rose – Algonkian Supervisor

Debbie Rose
Algonkian Supervisor

Debbie grew up in southern California and graduated from the University of California-Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She continued her education at Drake University Law School in Des Moines, Iowa, where she achieved her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Debbie relocated to Virginia upon accepting a counsel position with the U. S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property. Debbie’s work focused on copyright, patent, trademark, federal courts, and impeachment issues. She continued developing her expertise in intellectual property and technology policy over the next twenty years while working for the Entertainment Software Association and ACT | The App Association. Debbie also continues to be involved in education issues as an advocate and Of Counsel for the law firm of WhitbeckBennett, where she assists students, parents, and employees involved in special education, Title IX, discipline, and employment disputes.

In 2006, Debbie and her husband, Randy, moved to Loudoun County where they raised three children and became actively involved in their community. As a family they enjoyed being a part of their neighborhood, school, church, and youth sports communities. When the kids were still in Lowes Island Elementary School, Debbie felt the strong desire to give back to her community and decided to run for the Loudoun County School Board from the Algonkian District.

Debbie’s dedication to public service and her commitment to education resonated with voters. She was first elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2015. During her eight years on the Loudoun County School Board, Debbie served as a member of the Discipline Committee, Student Support & Services Committee, and the Ad Hoc Committee on the Academies of Loudoun. She was also the School Board Liaison to the Special Education Advisory Committee for both her terms and participated in the Ad Hoc Committee on Special Education to review special education policies and practices and make recommendations for revisions. Debbie led efforts to increase transparency in discipline data collection which resulted in important reforms to discipline policy and procedures at the time. In addition, Debbie played a critical role in opening the Academies of Loudoun, approving revisions to health insurance plans resulting in savings to employees and taxpayers, developing strategic goals to accomplish the division’s mission, increasing community engagement, and supporting yearly increases in employee compensation and benefits.

Debbie also focused her efforts on the school board to secure funding for necessary projects and improvements at Algonkian District schools. Projects such as turf fields and track upgrades at the high schools, playground equipment and building renovations for Meadowland Elementary School, building improvements for Countryside Elementary School, and secure school entrances were approved under her administration with construction at multiple schools initiated prior to the completion of her second term in office.

As your next Supervisor, Debbie will again be focused on the local issues that matter to residents, including development that meets community needs, reducing the tax burden on homeowners, efficient and effective county budgets, transportation solutions, support for law enforcement, fostering a robust business environment, and appropriate funding and oversight of public education.


Commercial and Residential Development:

Debbie is committed to bringing together all stakeholders to develop plans for commercial and residential land use that meets the unique needs of the Algonkian District. Any proposed revitalization of community centers should meet the commercial and housing needs of our area without creating unintended consequences such as increased traffic, overcrowded schools, nuisances, or other negative impacts.

Taxes and the Budget:

Debbie is committed to supporting effective and efficient use of taxpayer funds. As Supervisor, she will work tirelessly to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used wisely, advocating for accountability and transparency of all financial transactions. Debbie will engage constituents early and often to determine budget priorities and how best to utilize our resources to benefit residents.

Public Safety:

Loudoun County residents and business owners place safety as a high priority as they should. Debbie will support funding local law enforcement to ensure they are prepared to meet the needs of a growing and dynamic county. In addition, Debbie strongly supports the School Resource Officer (SRO) program in our public schools. The SRO’s support student and staff safety through personal relationships with students, emergency assistance, and risk reduction.

Economic Development:

Debbie understands the importance of a thriving business community to both the Algonkian District and Loudoun County. Attracting businesses, from small family-owned shops to large corporations, is essential to create employment opportunities and economic prosperity for all county residents. Debbie will work collaboratively with local businesses, organizations, and residents to create a proactive economic development strategy with a focus on diversifying our business environment beyond the data center sector.


Debbie understands smart transportation solutions are critical for residents and business owners. She will work to expedite transportation projects to get traffic moving in our region, which benefits families and businesses. Debbie also realizes the concerns regarding traffic safety especially within the Algonkian District and will work with law enforcement to ensure that areas known for traffic safety issues are reviewed for possible safety improvements.


The Board of Supervisors provides critical oversight, planning, and budgetary support for Loudoun County Public Schools. Debbie’s unique experience as a former School Board member will be an invaluable resource to the Board of Supervisors in developing budget and capital improvement plans to provide a high-quality education for all students in a safe learning environment.

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