Do the Divisive Loudoun Democrat Supervisors Deserve to Represent Us?

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Do the Divisive Loudoun Democrat Supervisors Deserve to Represent Us?

Today, there are six Democrats on the Board of Supervisors. We should ask ourselves:

  • Are these Supervisors the best representatives for a high-tech county such as Loudoun?  
  • Did they achieve anything of significance before joining the Board?  
  • Were they leaders in their professions with experiences that prepared them to run the County?  
  • Were they responsible for budgets that prepared them to handle hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue? 
  • Did they own successful businesses?  
  • Do they offer anything special, or should they be replaced in 2023?

In previous elections, the voters were deceived on the campaign trail. Sadly, the voters elected mediocre political hacks who lack the experience necessary to run a $3.5B annual budget or the good judgment needed to enact effective policies for their constituents. Sadly, they have surprisingly weak resumes and are not qualified for the positions they currently hold.  

In review, their current/prior professional experiences include:

  • Mental health specialist? (Randall)
  • Human resources representative? (Saines)
  • Analyst job that goes back 40 years? (Umstaddt)
  • Government contracting? (Briskman).  
  • Military commentator and a non-profit staffer (Turner) 
  • Elementary and special education teacher (Glass)

There is nothing wrong with being a mental health specialist, but it is not a background to run a high-tech county. This is especially true when Randall’s dream job is to be a political activist. This is not what we are paying her to do. 

Today, the Loudoun County budget is $3.5B, which is almost $400M per supervisor.   Based on their resumes and their thought processes visible in how they express themselves, they must be replaced with more qualified representatives. It is highly unlikely, based on their backgrounds, that any of these ineffective supervisors would have been hired to run private companies with annual revenues of $400M; therefore, they have no business representing the voters.  

Loudoun County deserves elected officials who are thoughtful in their decision-making and are dedicated to supporting traditional values of family, community, and county. 

Instead, we have elected Democratic officials whose lack of skills means they should not be making important decisions for any of us.

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