Gary Katz – Chairman At Large

Gary Katz
Chairman At Large

On Monday, August 28, in a bold move that challenges the status quo, the Loudoun County Republican Committee overwhelmingly nominated Gary as their candidate to challenge the embattled incumbent Phyllis Randall for the position of Chairman At Large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. Gary, a political newcomer, but an active behind-the-scenes participant in local community issues, delivered a speech emphasizing unity and community values. Promising to put an end to the fraud, waste and abuse of the current board, Gary’s campaign, titled “Integrity, Accountability & Fiscal Responsibility,” seeks to restore COMMON SENSE , fiscal restraint, and a sense of normalcy to the county. With a focus on empowering residents, ensuring oversight of county governance and the school board budget, and creating a balanced and harmonious community, Gary presents a fresh perspective and a compelling vision for the future of Loudoun County.

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