How Does Chair Randall Get Away With Her Totalitarian Ideas?

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How Does Chair Randall Get Away With Her Totalitarian Ideas?

Chair Randall is a surly politician who is an exceptionally nasty piece of work in addition to being an obnoxious narcissist.  She is the most divisive public official in the County in the past few decades. Her top priority is to capture and consolidate more power within Loudoun County. The Chair has initiated taxpayer-funded research into how the Sheriff and Commissioner of Revenue (Constitutionally-elected positions) can be appointed by the Chairperson directly. 

Loudoun County voters have a choice in 2023, continue electing a Chair who exclusively supports the Democrat Party wish list or elect an alternative candidate who more closely aligns with the constituents and their concerns. 

Chair Randall, a mental health specialist, is deceptive to the voters and hides her radicalism: 

  • Moderates her speaking to get votes yet is a self-proclaimed believer in being woke,
  • Worships radical, leftism Marxism that has permeated our country in the past few years,
  • Holds deep racial grudges against America where she believes skin color offers special privileges,
  • Promotes an equity-first position over meritocracy, 
  • Fights gun crimes with window stickers rather than sound policies, and
  • Believes there are many innocent people sitting in prisons.

Before Chair Randall joined the BOS, Supervisors occupied themselves with the people’s business: infrastructure/road maintenance (e.g. potholes), community planning (e.g. land use, parks/recreation), and community-related issues. Since joining, an agenda of social justice activism has been implemented and in doing so, an undermining of Loudoun County.

Chair Randall proclaims to be for education, kids, and parents. Rather than supporting the funding of students, she instead actively works to support and fund the system. Bad policies, like bringing unions into the Loudoun government, exploit employees. Loudoun government employees are just fine; she just needs a slush fund to help her win elections. Do voters seriously think the County needs a union to blackmail citizens into imposing tax increases to fund their excessive salaries compared to the value they produce? 

Instead of focusing on potholes and the like, she fights culture wars and attacks our civilization.  


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