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Supervisor Briskman, Algonkian

Supervisor Briskman, famous for giving President the “middle finger,” has used her position as a platform to promote pet liberal projects that are irrelevant to the everyday needs of her constituents. For example: 

  • Obtained taxpayer funding to study LCPS segregation during the 1950s-1960s for the purpose of “reconciliation” with impacted students, many of whom are in/near retirement or who no longer reside in Loudoun County.  This study consumed the time of dozens of County officials. This is her signature initiative highlighted in her annual newsletter. The money and time would have been better spent understanding why today’s Black students as a group are in last place for academic achievement. 
  • Used her comment time on the Board to repeat statistics on gun violence. Supervisor Briskman should know that firearms are regulated by State and Federal Laws and only permitted locally.
  • Seems to be no spending initiative Ms. Briskman will not vote to approve. She is great at spending your money. 

Supervisor Briskman uses her office to bully persons with whom she differs politically. Specifically, she has used her official position to criticize the behavior of citizens and government officials on official letterhead and the official Loudoun County website. Supervisor Briskman is not a consensus builder but rather alienates and attacks those not sharing her far-left views. Examples of bad policies and decision-making include:

  • Pushed for an exorbitantly high salary increase for supervisors but settled for a 7% gain for 2023 after pushback from other supervisors.
  • Believes supervisors should be paid a full-time salary like supervisors in larger Maryland (e.g. high-spending/taxed counties of Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties) but for a part-time job that a Loudoun County supervisor does on behalf of the constituents.
  • When complex issues are discussed, Supervisor Briskman is often the last Board Supervisor to comprehend the subject matter. She does not possess the mental acumen necessary to analyze and understand government policy at an advanced level nor does she recognize the full impact of her decisions on the public.
  • Obsesses over the issue of equity but only as it applies to the Black population. Latino and immigrant populations are nearly invisible to her.  
  • Voted to use $500,000 to buy public art. The County receives a lot of artwork as gifts. Other municipalities rely on patrons of the arts to fund public art so that scarce government resources can be used for less frivolous expenditures. 
  • Appears to have serious anger management and maturity issues. Julie Briskman was fired from her employer, a government contractor, after flipping off the President’s motorcade in a now-viral moment in history. The government contractor fired Ms. Briskman for violating company policy banning obscene content on social media. Ms. Briskman had turned herself into a liability by antagonizing the employer’s most important client, the US Government. Ms. Briskman lost her wrongful termination suit. Then she ran for office and won based on her notoriety, rather than her relevant experience in handling people’s business.

The voters in Algonkian must retire Julie Briskman because she does not possess the skill set to find solutions for local issues. Here is a link to Briskman’s writings:

Attacks on the behavior of citizens and government officials can be found in the Algonkian District Newsletter archive at https://www.loudoun.gov/Archive.aspx?AMID=152 

The specific letters are at . . . 

Against citizens https://www.loudoun.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/11104 

Against Delegate David LaRock https://www.loudoun.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/10633 

Against Treasurer Howard Zurn https://www.loudoun.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/9863 


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