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Loudoun County School Board at a Glance

Over the last couple of years, our Loudoun County School Board has demonstrated that it can’t be trusted with the center of our universe, our kids.

We need to revisit a phrase that was popularized during the Great Depression in the 1930s when people blamed politicians for the economic crisis and called for new leaders to address the problems.

That phrase was “Throw the bums out!”

We need to throw out the bums of our School Board. Their behavior and policies have harmed our children in every way.

Our School Board has put the safety and innocence of our daughters at risk by saying boys can be girls and advocating that boys identifying as girls can use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms. Commonsense tells us that boys can’t be girls. Commonsense tells us that boys who think they are girls need appropriate care and empathy, but that does not mean the safety and innocence of our girls should be put at risk.

Our School Board failed to protect our girls at school, and the result was two of them were sexually assaulted by a boy identifying as a girl.

Our School Board denied those events took place and then voted against releasing a redacted, independent report on the incidents. Rather than being transparent and keeping parents informed, our School Board decided to cover up the incident and keep parents in the dark.

Our School Board voted to approve the LCPS Superintendent’s agreed-upon contract salary increase by $28K to $323K knowing that the Supervisor was under investigation for mishandling the sexual assaults of those two girls in our schools.

Our School Board silenced the free speech of a teacher by putting him on paid administrative leave when he spoke out in a public forum against a policy that forced teachers to advance and embrace ideologies in their classrooms that deny truths about what it means to be male and female. The School Board was forced to settle a lawsuit with the teacher when the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the teacher’s constitutional rights had been violated.

Our School Board has endorsed and funded the idea that children should be given opportunities and resources based on the color of their skin and nationality. That is the definition of racism. That attitude divides our children and our community. Furthermore, it sends the message that children of color will never succeed on their own and need the help of white people. What a terrible thing to tell a child of color and how condescending!

Our School Board has supported the removal of merit and qualification and instead promoted equal outcomes for all. Commonsense tells us that every child is unique with different abilities and talents. Trying to make them all the same is nonsense and destructive.

Our School Board supported the removal of advanced classes because they were “by nature unfair to people of color.” Taking away opportunities to pursue advanced classes in the name of equity drives everyone to the lowest common denominator and is once again condescending to children of color.

Our school failed to invest in our teachers by spending money on consultants to train our teachers in politically correct doctrines rather than investing in raising teacher salaries and increasing bonuses.

Our School Board has endorsed the placement of sexually explicit and pornographic books in our school libraries. These books are not age-appropriate, are not aligned with the values and principles of our community, contribute to a hostile environment in our schools, and harm our students.

Our School Board members are untrustworthy, dishonest, divisive, inaccessible, and arrogant.

What’s at stake in this year’s School Board election? Our kids are the center of our universe.

“Throw the bums out!”

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