LCSB Is Anti-Kids

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Loudoun County School Board is Anti-Kids

The LCSB has been in the news due to its anti-children positions which have caused widespread controversy and criticism.  The School Board implemented policies that prioritize the interests of teachers over those of children.  They prioritize and actively promote the interests of students alleged to have gender dysphoria over the safety and comfort of non-transgender students.

One of the most controversial policies adopted by the LCSB is its decision to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their “fluid” gender identity instead of biological sex.  This policy, 8040, has been met with widespread criticism from parents and students who are concerned about the safety and privacy of male and female students. It is inappropriate to allow students who are of the opposite sex to use whichever bathroom they choose because it could lead to dangerous situations, such as sexual assault.

In addition to its bathroom policy, the LCSB pushed Critical Race Theory (CRT) by hiding it under different names such as SEL, Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), social justice, and equity.  The basis for CRT is to separate citizens by race and skin color to again sow division and cause communities to engage in hate towards each other.  Race-based instruction and teaching methods work to make white kids hate themselves just for the color of their skin.  This sort of indoctrination and ideology is not helpful to the healthy development of kids.  The anti-children position of the LCSB has sparked a nationwide debate about the role of public schools in promoting social justice while neglecting the natural rights of all parents and students.

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