Loudoun GOP State of the County Response (2023)

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Loudoun GOP State of the County 2023 Response 

While Chair Phyllis Randall wishes to present Loudoun County as some sort of a Lake Wobegon paradise because she is in charge, the reality is quite different.

Loudoun is as safe as it is because of its educated and law-abiding citizens and its just and vigilant Republican sheriff.

Still, there is plenty wrong here. With Randall at the helm, Loudoun County is not at peace. Though she calls for unity, she is the most divisive Loudoun County politician in decades. 

The Democrat administration has sexualized children while attacking parents who dare to protect their children’s innocence. Under a twisted redefinition of “equity,” Randall and her Democratic Party colleagues divide the county based on race, making what once was a civil society uncivil. They turn a deaf ear to those who disagree with them, projecting their own politics of “hate” onto their opponents. 

Randall forces her racist views on government operations that have no place here. Her race-baiting tactics divert attention from fundamental problems such as the persistent traffic congestion on Rt. 15 North. For her, it is 1862 or 1964 every day. She holds a grudge against America even though most citizens want a color-blind society.

Randall brought in labor unions that make the government more expensive and less

accountable, increasing our debt, and using racist ideology to deny qualified people access to public life and government services. Her Democratic administration has helped give Northern Virginia the third-highest cost of living in the nation.

Unchecked, one-party rule has made Loudoun County infamous. In the school system, instead of focusing on ABCs, Democrats promote gender confusion and TRCs. In place of merit, achievement, and excellence, they foster mediocrity in the name of “equity.” Make no mistake, when Randall says she supports education, she seeks monopoly education system managed by Democrats and giving parents little say in what they want for their kids. The Democrat-dominated school board does whatever it wants. 

We need GOP participation across Loudoun institutions to instill a sense of fairness and balance in the administration. This fall, county residents will have an opportunity to consider an alternative to the leftist agenda and to vote for accountability, common sense, and a clean government.

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