Paul Lott – VA House 28th District

Paul K Lott
28th House District

Conservatism is based on the principle that citizens are to be trusted with their freedom. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth and the Nation are in crisis because too few people understand that families are the best people to decide what is good for them. The role of government is to provide resources and protections that enable families to flourish through their efforts.

I want to return freedom to the people. I want parents to know they make the decisions for their children without government interference. I want lawful gun owners to have the freedom to exercise their constitutional freedom to bear arms. All freedom begins with life. I want to give the unborn all the protections they deserve so they can one day enjoy the freedom to make their way via the fruits of their labor. I want them to have the freedom to live.

I am running to restore and protect the rights of parents to raise their children according to their values and to require schools to focus on academic excellence. Moral and social learning is the responsibility of parents. I believe that government must trust citizens with their freedom. That means trusting parents to do what is best for their children.

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