Why Should Loudoun County Voters Retire the Woke Chair Randall?

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Chair Randall

Why Should Loudoun County Voters Retire the Woke Chair Randall?


  • She has been the most divisive and dictatorial chair in BOS history,
  • As a mental health professional, she lacks the needed business background required for a high-tech county; she’s a bad fit,
  • Totalitarian mindset; she stands for the system and not for the people, 
  • An uninformed economic ignoramus,
  • A cynical politician; a committed vicious ideologue who rejects the opinions of others, 
  • Past legislative actions are based on incoherent “word salads” with a lack of understanding and impact on the community she represents, 
  • Unmoved and uninterested in the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) debacle; for the system, not for the parents or the children and students,
  • She did nothing to stop the LCPS debacle from going as far and as long as it did. If on the School Board, she would have voted with Democrats and against kids and parents, and
  • She is a cynical politician; a narcissist who is foremost focused on herself.  


A Totalitarian Politician  

  • Prioritizes radical progressive ideology over County management (e.g. road building),
  • Lacks transparency about how and when taxpayer money is spent, 
  • Imposes Illinois-style corruption with expensive unions, 
  • Supports School Administration and teachers over family leadership; lacks respect for parents/voters and their children/students, 
  • Speaks cynically in platitudes but always supports the political system over an individual,  
  • Has a parochial worldview at odds with our diverse community and voting population, and
  • She nurses race-based grudges and uses the government to indulge in them.


Culture Wars  

  • Pursues ideological lunacy and is a self-proclaimed woke believer and promoter,  
  • Has an unhealthy focus on racist ideas and racist-driven “equity” policies,
  • Demonstrates that reality, truth, and facts are optional in policy decision-making,
  • Favors pre-modern criteria such as gender and race over merit and achievement,
  • Is intolerant of opposing ideas, and
  • Has a radical-left Marxist agenda that is a danger to all community members and our voters, including our children.

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