Phyllis Randall’s Culture Wars in Loudoun

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How Loudoun Democrat Supervisors Disrespect Citizens?

Our political system runs best with checks and balances. Over the last several years, Loudoun Democrat Supervisors merged their party’s woke, far-left policies with Loudoun Government operations forcing us to pay for their ideological fantasies.    This is what a one-party system does. We must reject it by electing Republicans who will follow clean government rules. 

As voters research candidates and their policies this year, we must ask ourselves:

  • When was the last time these Democrats did something to create an efficient government? They collect our tax dollars and spend it all without much regard or respect for the Loudoun taxpayers.
  • When was the last time the Board of Supervisors, led by Democrats, returned some of the money back to you? Instead, they are allocating funds for Diversity consultants and “research” activities that provide voters with no tangible benefits.
  • When was the last time someone took a hard look at Loudoun Government operations? Private businesses and industries undergo this streamlining process due to competition and disruptions from new ways of doing things. Today’s Loudoun Government has zero incentive to make any improvements because the voters have not insisted on it.

The Democrat Supervisors in Loudoun County is a part of the moral and political rot that has taken over our Country and contributed to making Loudoun infamous worldwide. 

After eight years of the Democrat-led Board of Supervisors (BOS) one-sided policies and decisions, we need to elect a GOP-led local government that governs with good policies for ALL residents of Loudoun County. We need to understand what is going on. A simple parallel — in the banking industry, they insist their employees take a hands-off vacation for a week to determine if there has been any wrongdoing. In 2023, Loudoun County voters must retire Democrat Supervisors and hire Republicans if the county is to return to rational politics. 

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