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Loudoun GOP Launches $1 Million

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA, Jan. 21, 2024 – The Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) announced today an ambitious $1 million fundraising campaign. The “Trumpeting Change: $1 Million for Loudoun County” campaign will leverage historic fundraising amounts in 2023, investments in new online tools, and growing enthusiasm for conservative values in Loudoun County, Virginia.

“The Trumpeting Change campaign allows the Loudoun County GOP to look beyond a single year to secure a future for conservative values,” said Scott Pio, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. “LCRC is going to raise $1 million in 2024 to take back Loudoun County by making long-term investments in our party and candidates.”

The $1 million raised in 2024 will allow the committee to:

● Plan and operate beyond a single fiscal year.
● Plan and operate beyond a single fiscal year.
● Elect three new conservatives to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2025.
● Elect three more members to Loudoun School Board.
● Attract the next-generation of members for our future.
● Blanket the county in conservative messaging.

LCRC continues to increase its year-over-year fundraising numbers: $30,001 in 2021, $84,400 in 2022, and $330,744 in 2023. The increasing budget allowed LCRC to invest in new digital tools and establish relationships with top-tier political vendors.

“Here in Loudoun County, we had a school system cover up sexual assaults and a Democrat-led Board of Supervisors fly to Africa and South America on taxpayer-funded vacations,” said Pio. “The county budget is out of control while the debt burden on the next generation is exploding. We need conservatives to take action in supporting the committee in Loudoun County to have meaningful conversations about implementing good governance in the County and Commonwealth. Loudoun will do its part to elect conservatives to the state legislature that will protect us from government overreach and repeal the hated car tax.” Ambitious fundraising will allow for these vital actions and more.

More information about the “Trumpeting Change: $1 Million for Loudoun County” campaign is available at https://loudoungop.com/trumpeting-change-1-million-for-loudoun-county/.

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