Ram Venkatachalam – Little River Supervisor

Ram Venkatachalam
Little River Supervisor

Ram is vying to become the first Indian-American supervisor of the county’s newly formed Little River District.

Ram is married with two children, a 9-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son, who both attend public elementary school. Ram’s values align with conservative principles. He wants to focus on local issues, such as lower taxes, economic opportunity, public safety, and quality public education for every child.

Ram brings a deep awareness of the challenges facing Loudoun as the county continues to grow. He’s the chair of the county’s Transit Advisory Board and supports transportation alternatives rather than forcing everyone to use Metro or pay higher tolls.

Ram believes common sense solutions to local problems should be the focus of our local Board of Supervisors, not getting wrapped up in divisive social issues and national agendas.

Running to be the first Supervisor from Little River, Ram will be the candidate that not only represents the diversity of the district but also the growing diversity of Loudoun County while serving both the densely populated eastern parts of the district and the most rural areas of Middleburg and beyond.

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