Tumay Harding – Ashburn Supervisor

Tumay Harding
Ashburn Supervisor

Tumay has lived in Virginia most of her life, spending the last 12 years in Loudoun County.

She earned both her B.A. in English Literature and Master’s degree in Curriculum Development from George Mason University. She used her degrees as a teacher in Prince William and Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).

Prior to teaching, Tumay spent several years as a sales executive in the Cargo/Freight-Forwarding industry. She also partnered with her husband as a small business owner.

She is a mother of three daughters and has been happily married for 20 years to her husband Jason. The past three years Tumay has made headlines as a local activist speaking out against the outrageous woke agenda embraced by Loudoun County Public Schools.

Initially battling inappropriate reading material for her daughter, Tumay has taken on Critical Race Theory initiatives in LCPS and the divisive DEI program championed by the recently indicted and resigned LCPS Superintendent.

Her battles with the Loudoun County took an even more dramatic turn when the family became embroiled in a botched Title IX investigation. The failures of LCPS and the Board of Supervisors inspired Tumay to run for office.

Tumay is the best person to fight hard to tame the lion about to ravage the wallets of residents as a result of short-sighted planning and poor decision making by past Ashburn Board of Supervisors and now the incumbent, Mike Turner.

Tumay stands for Excellence in Education with accountability, lower taxes through future-focused strategic planning, meritocracy and accountability at every BOS touch-point, safe streets and schools, strong small business growth and responsible spending that will benefit communities in and around Ashburn. Tumay will work to address the kitchen-table issues that worry Ashburn residents and bring with her work ethic accessibility, transparency, and follow through.

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