What Evidence Displays Chair Randall’s Lack of Critical Thinking Abilities?

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What Evidence Displays Chair Randall’s Lack of Critical Thinking Abilities?

Loudoun County has been besieged by Randall’s culture wars via legislative vandalism that is routinely based on fake and poorly thought-out reasons that cannot withstand the most elementary scrutiny. Political biases are imposed on the community for spurious reasons and through lies by omission.

Chair Randall is a cynical politician who lacks any goodwill, which is visible in how she thinks about guns — she would want them banned. Her attacks on guns are just such an example. She is focused on guns instead of on murderers and then she ends up attacking legal gun owners. She does not want to solve the problem; she just fights a culture war. 

Chair Randall refuses to comprehend basic, provable facts about gun ownership, violence, and crime: 

  • Like many Democratic politicians, there is a focus on infringing on legal gun ownership instead of focusing on murders, domestic violence, mental health issues, gangs, and illegal gun ownership,
  • Each year, over 55% of murders in the USA are committed in 2% of the 3,033 counties,
  • Simply put, ~60 counties see the most murders committed in the USA, 
  • Further, only small sections of those 60 counties experience the majority of murders, 
  • Half of the counties in the USA have no murders.  ZERO.
  • Across the country, gun ownership ranges between 30 to 50 guns per 100 adults,
  • Guns are inanimate objects and don’t shoot without human intervention, and
  • Far and away, the vast majority of legal gun owners do not cause mayhem; criminals in very limited areas cause injury/murders.

Chair Randall either does not understand this basic situation or is intentionally illiterate. Rather than offering solutions that protect law-abiding gun owners, her position and policies follow the Democrat Party narrative on guns, which impedes the Constitutional rights of the constituency. 

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