What Should Loudoun Expect From Democrat Supervisors if Re-Elected?

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Proceed With Caution: What Should Citizens Expect From Democrat Supervisors if Re-Elected?

We know what they have done in the past eight years.  They will continue to do the same sticking closely to the national Democrat Party ideology that imposes totalitarian ideas on us.  We expect them to do the following: 

  • Wokeness: Continue merging the Democrat Party’s divisive goals by pushing racial discrimination, gender confusion, higher taxes, more unions, and fewer freedoms,
  • More lies: Legislative actions based on lies, misdirection, and feelings rather than data,
  • Ideology: Corrupt our culture using our taxes and resources to fund fringe ideology,
  • Taxes: Increase taxes, including grocery sales taxes, to support their radical agenda,
  • Debt: Increase our county-level debt, currently $1.7B, which equals about $3,700 for every Loudoun resident,
  • Racism: Favor racial preferences and use skin color to provide government perks while overlooking individual merit,
  • Reparations: Propose reparations for slavery paid by people who never owned slaves to people who were never slaves, 
  • Power: Consolidate power to reduce our freedoms and default to government decision-making over our free will,
  • More taxes: Reverse Gov. Youngkin’s grocery tax reduction and embrace spending it on growing the government bureaucracy,
  • Corruption: Push for unions, secrecy, and corruption of our local politics, and
  • Banana Republic: Follow National Democrats to impose radical and woke Marxist-style agendas. 

Sadly, the Democratic agenda and their policies will continue to make the residents of Loudoun County worse off.  Collectively, all of us need a break from foolish policies that diminish us as a community and the incompetent politicians who enact them.  

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