Why Is Chair Phyllis Randall Preoccupied With Race? 

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Why Is Chair Phyllis Randall Preoccupied With Race? 

Chair Randall is an ardent member of the Woke Church.  She views society in terms of two groups of people: those who oppress, meaning whites and Asians … and those who are victims, meaning Blacks. This is such a sick view of the world.

It has been 59 years since the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and we are three generations removed from formalizing those rights in this Country. Since then, Americans have rejected racial preferences by a wide margin. But for Chair Randall, it is still 1862 when she seems to think that some people cannot get things done without government intervention to get ahead.

Should racist principles be applied nearly 60 years after the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Let’s look at Germany as an example.  Allied forces bombed Germany into oblivion during WW2, but a short 20 years later, it became an economic superpower. This is an example that shows that people can rise and prosper if they choose to do so.     

On January 17, 2023, Chair Randall and the other Democrat Supervisors voted to approve a Social and Equity Resolution.  While dressed up in progressive sentiments, it is a racist tool to use unchangeable human characteristics, like a person’s skin color or gender, as criteria to gain preferential treatment.

This means that Chair Randall rejects the merit-based system for Loudoun County residents. That system has resulted in making America the place where everyone wants to come.  Chair Randall prefers that Loudoun County residents be evaluated by unfair tribal characteristics. Simply put, if you belong to my tribe, you get ahead. If you belong to the wrong tribe, you stay outside.

Elected officials must instead choose a race-neutral system to enable all people to have the same opportunity to succeed. 

History shows that people can rise and prosper if they choose to do so. Loudoun County has been racially integrated for at least twice as long as Germany recovered from World War II.  If people are suffering, it is not because of “society” but because of individual decisions. 

Chair Randall rejects merit and instead focuses on skin color and puts forth policies that encourage the government to meddle with people’s lives under the guise of “compassion.” Woke politicians and their racist legislative policies make Loudoun County and America weaker. 

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