Woke and Radical LCSB

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The Democrat Party Ideology + Government Power = A Woke and Radical LCSB

The most objectionable part of the LCSB is that they decided to merge the Democrat Party’s totalitarian approach with the administration of School Board duties.  This is called fascism because now they use the government power to force-feed us with their radical ideologies.

The School Board is majority Democratic, and its actions are obviously politically motivated:

  1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and a tiered system of support, along with school-wide “behavior management” follows a one-size fits all model.
  2. Ideology rules the day. Identity politics have been allowed to dominate the curriculum. The National Education Association (NEA) has given its blessing from the top down. This doesn’t help children obtain the necessary skills they need to become productive citizens.
  3. Administrators make decisions that are rubberstamped by the School Board.
  4. The board disregards public criticisms and legitimate concerns, lacks fiscal transparency, and fails to listen to constituents.
  5. The School Board has been deaf to complaints from parents.
  6. LCPS is not transparent about how student achievement is assessed. Academic achievement has declined. School safety is an issue. LCPS should be evaluating students to see if they are truly proficient or if the system is failing them as opposed to comparing our students to state and national failing standards.
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