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Amend VA Code 24.2-626 (Resolution 2023-07)

Whereas the Code of Virginia and processes published by The Virginia Department of Elections
contain provisions for use of paper ballots;

Whereas the process of hand tabulation of official paper ballots when localities choose not to
use electronic voting systems is administered in accordance with the procedures prescribed
by the Virginia State Board of Elections in “Virginia’s Guide to Hand-Counting Ballots” dated
September 2021;

Whereas when the number of paper ballots to be counted has been verified, the official paper
ballots are counted according to the “Code of Virginia §24.2-665. How paper ballots

Resolved, that the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) supports and adopts a
resolution calling on the Commonwealth of Virginia General Assembly to amend VA §24.2-
626, Section A, as follows:

§ 24.2-626. Governing bodies may acquire electronic voting systems.

A. The governing body of each county and city shall may provide for the use of electronic
voting systems, of a kind approved by the State Board, at every precinct and for all
elections held in the county, the city, or any part of the county or city.

Each county and city governing body shall has the responsibility for the purchase, lease,
lease purchase, or otherwise acquire acquisition of such systems and may provide for
the payment therefore in the manner it deems proper. Systems of different kinds may be
adopted for use and be used in different precincts of the same county or city, or within a
precinct or precincts in a county or city, subject to the approval of the State Board.

Further Resolved, that the Chairman of the LCRC may cause copies of this resolution to be
published by Public Notice and to be disseminated to all members of the LCRC/United
Republican Subcommittee, Department of Elections, Virginia State Board of Elections, and
the Virginia General Assembly.


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Randolph M. Vance Jr


Hand counting ballots is the only way to guarantee free and fair elections.

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