Amy Riccardi – Sterling School Board

Amy Riccardi
Sterling School Board

Backed with a Master's Degree in Education from George Mason University in curriculum and instruction, I can dive into the nuances of CRT and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to understand how these indoctrination techniques are so pervasive across all subjects in our K-12 schools. I want the board to quickly course-correct Loudoun County's indoctrination of our students and get back to what is most important, educating our children.

Indoctrination methodology drives a wedge between teachers and parents, which is the frontline relationship to help us grow emotionally intelligent, moral, and ethical children into highly productive adults. Protecting and nurturing the parent, child, and teacher triad is key to this success. I will always promote a parent’s right to know what is happening in their child's classroom and ensure that their opt-in and opt-out preference for various "social" subjects is honored.

In addition, I will end the purchase and placement of books in classrooms and libraries that are so lurid in their content that the media cannot even show them because the content violates FCC law. There is no place for this content anywhere near our children. There is a HUGE difference between a book with diverse characters and books showing children how to perform sexually explicit acts.

As a former Division I volleyball player, youth coach, and referee, I have a unique perspective on protecting girls’ sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms. I did not fight for our Title IX rights in the 80s, and 90's only to have them eroded a generation later. It's not happening on my watch.

Having safe and secure schools where all our kids, teachers, and administrators are physically and mentally safe in our facilities is critical to learning success. I want to see School Resource Officers (SROs) at each school to address the range of misdemeanor and criminal activity on school property. This front-line deterrent can help establish a great relationship between students and law enforcement and reduce significant school incidents.

It is time for parents, teachers, administrators, and taxpayers to back common sense candidates and significantly change the dynamics of our school board.

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