Books In Loudoun Schools

Save Loudoun Schools - Learn the Truth About Books in Our Schools

Parents send their children to school with hopes they’ll learn, excel, and reach their full potential. But our schools are quietly asserting a different agenda through materials in the libraries and classrooms:

How Indoctrination Begins

Elementary School

Material introducing transgenderism, and encouraging students to pick their own pronouns (he/she/they) as young as kindergarten. Beginning to use terms such as “clitoris” and “penis”, and helping children identify where they are located on the body.

Middle School

Encouraging the exploration of homosexuality, or “Pride”, as a positive and desirable lifestyle by providing books on successful LGBTQ Americans and the rainbow flag.

High School

Normalizing and desensitizing students to materials with explicit sexual content including detailed text and graphic images of sex acts, sometimes shown in “cartoon format” to seem more kid friendly.

Not only are these books shocking and confusing to youth, but the American College of Pediatricians cited the following detrimental effects of children viewing porn:

What Can Be Done?

Contact your School Board Representative, Board of Supervisor and your Virginia House of Delegate or State Senator to voice your concerns.

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