Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Border Bloodbath

Our southern border is wide open, Americans are losing their lives due to a spike in migrant crime and fentanyl, and our National Guardsmen and border patrol agents are being overrun on the front lines. We need President Donald J. Trump to make America safe again.

  • The border is wide open under Joe Biden.
  • The Biden administration is aiding and abetting an invasion.
    • Last week, emboldened illegal aliens rushed the southern border near El Paso, ripping down razor wire and overrunning the Texas national guard to get into the country.
  • Another American has lost their life at the hands of migrant crime.
  • Americans know Biden and Democrats in congress are to blame for the border crisis.
    • According to a new Fox News poll, 67% of voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration – as millions of unvetted illegals flow across the border and into U.S. communities.

Bottom Line: The Biden administration created the crisis at the border. President Trump will end it.

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