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Our Shared Values are Under Attack

While we all come from different backgrounds and life experiences, one thing is evident.  Our shared values are under serious attack, and it is negatively affecting our community. 

Two of our shared values are: 

1) We as parents have the preeminent responsibility for overseeing every aspect of our child’s upbringing, and 

2) The pursuit of excellence should be encouraged.  

Now, though elected leaders seek to hide or bar parents from issues regarding their children, and meritocracy is removed in favor of establishing equal outcomes for all.  

Why would elected leaders seek to impose government policies that trample on values we have held dear for so long?  

The answer is that the Democratic Party has moved left and is moving even further left by shifting their policies to secure the favor of woke, progressive activists.  

The picture above illustrates what is happening.  Elon Musk shared a similar illustration a few years ago in a tweet.

It is becoming obvious to more and more people that the Democratic Party has left them.  The Democratic Party no longer represents their values.  Like the picture above, the reality for most people is that their core values more closely align with the Republican Party. 

No party is perfect.  But when one party actively advocates against the very values you hold dear, it is time to walk away.  That is what the Democratic Party has been doing.  They have been imposing policies that run counter to our core beliefs.

The good news is that we can affect change.  We can stop the free fall of cultural decline.  

The solution is to stop voting for Democrats and vote Republican.

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