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Buta Biberaj is an unmitigated disaster for Loudoun County

How is Buta Biberaj an unmitigated disaster? Let’s count the ways.

  1. Personally prosecutes parents who try and defend their children while at School Board meetings and seeks jail time for parents. 
    • Prosecuted father of 15-year-old rape victim. 
  2. Fails to prosecute criminals, especially violent criminals, and instead sets them free.
    • Prosecutes 40% fewer felonies and 36% fewer misdemeanors compared with previous Commonwealth’s Attorney.
    • Set free a man charged with assaulting his wife. He then went to her apartment and brutally murdered her.
    • Refused to prosecute illegal drug distributors.
    • Dropped charges against a JROTC instructor accused of inappropriate contact with high school girls.
  3. Deceitful. Claims there is a drop in crime under her term, but she unilaterally directed non-prosecution of 14 criminal statutes resulting in a 67% drop in prosecutions. Voilá! Drop in crime!
  4. She’s a dysfunctional leader with an 84% turnover in her office staff. Nobody wants to work with her or for her. Unfilled vacancies are coupled with less-experienced attorneys than the previous administration.  
  5. Former employees describe her office as being in chaos. They worked under a management style that drove massive turnover, with multiple employees developing alcohol problems.
  6. Failed to do any background checks on a convicted sex offender before hiring him on her staff with access to sensitive records.
  7. Takes credit for the success of others, including those who have gone before her, and claims them as her own.
  8. Her legal license was, and still is, suspended in the state of Maryland.
  9. First ever Commonwealth’s Attorney to be REMOVED and DISQUALIFIED from a criminal case by a Virginia Circuit Judge for “deliberately misleading the Court,” “overt misrepresentation by omission,” “lacking the ability to apply basic legal principles,” and “being unable to prosecute with professional standards.”

Please take the opportunity to put our Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office on a better path.  

Go vote. When you do, vote for Bob Anderson for Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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