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Loudoun County School Board puts our daughters at risk

Anne Donohue is running for School Board At-Large.  Harris Mahedavi is running for Ashburn School Board representative.  Erika Ogedegbe is running for Leesburg School Board representative.  April Chandler is a part of current Algonkian school board member Atoosa Reaser’s staff.  Atoosa Reaser is running for House of Delegates District 27.  Chandler is running to backfill Reaser’s spot on the school board.  

All of them, Donohue, Mahedavi, Ogedegbe, Chandler, and Reaser, support allowing boys who identify as girls to use the girls’ bathroom and to change clothes in girls’ locker rooms.

Are you okay with males changing clothes with your daughter while at school?  

What have we come to when our school board is unwilling to protect the modesty and ensure the privacy of our girls in public schools, but is willing to put our daughters at risk of sexual assault to accommodate, even encourage gender dysphoria?

Our school board believes spending $11M on a pilot program to install single use, floor-to-ceiling walled bathrooms will address concerns of privacy.  

They gave zero regard to lack of visibility to detect sexual assaults and drug use.  These “privacy bathrooms” are now being called “rape, vape, and jackpot (fentanyl)” stalls.

Are you willing to make the tradeoff of accommodating a boy’s gender dysphoria for the loss of your daughter’s innocence, risk of sexual assault, and increased drug use in our schools?

Anne Donohue, Harris Mahedavi, Erika Ogedegbe, April Chandler, and Atoosa Reaser are all endorsed by the Democratic party.

Protect your children.

Send a message to our School Board.  

Go vote and pick up a Republican Sample Ballot on the way in.

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