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Harris Mahedavi Says One Thing and Votes Another

Harris Mahedavi is running for re-election to our school board.

He says,

He wants to protect our daughters’ privacy then votes

  •    To allow boys to use girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms.
  •    To spend $11M on unisex bathrooms (known as “rape and vape stalls”).

He respects parent’s right then votes

  •  To override the rights of parents given them to the Governor by executive
    order when it came to masking our children while in public school.
    Mahedavi mandated masking of children, a decision that was defeated in
    court for causing “clear and irreparable harm” to them.

He wants to keep parents informed then votes

  •  To cover up and prevent the release of the independent report into how
    our school board mishandled the sexual assault of two female students at
    different high schools.

He wants to protect the modesty and innocence of our children then votes

  •  To approve sexually explicit books for our public schools with graphic sex
    acts cartoonized for children.

He is not a man of his word.
He does not have the courage to take a stand for what is right.
He is not fit to be in charge of overseeing our children’s education.
He is endorsed by the Democrat party.

Protect your children!
Take a Republican sample ballot and go vote early.


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