Karen “Kari” LaBell – Catoctin School Board

Karen "Kari" LaBell
Catoctin School Board

Karen "Kari" LaBell has spent her career in the education field with a focus on ensuring every American student leaves high school with the knowledge and skills to be self-supporting in a field of their choice. With over 25 years of experience evaluating work readiness skills, interests, and abilities of special needs students; assess learning styles and preferences; make recommendations for job training methods and employment fields; provide teacher training for vocational instruction and assessment; and create, run, and maintain work development and assessment labs. Today Kari promotes the restructuring of the American Education system so that all students have marketable work skills on which to build.

Kari is running for School Board to restore educational integrity to a system that has failed both students and parents. Kari believes we need a return to Common Sense Education. She brings her wealth of experience in the following areas to this purpose:

1) Educational and Vocational Assessment in English and Spanish
2) Transition Planning
3) Universal Design for Learning
4) Individualized Educational Planning
5) Consultation and Career Planning
6) Team Leadership

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