Kristen Umstattd, Leesburg Supervisor

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Kristen Umstattd: Supervisor, Leesburg

Why Does Democrat Supervisor Kristen Umstaddt Bend the Knee to Her Radical Left Fellow Democrats?   

Politics should be about sound policies and delivering on the commitments made to voters. Sadly, for Supervisor Umstattd, she myopically focused on supporting nearly all the Democratic positions without concern for her constituents. She has this grandmotherly image. The problem with her is that she fails to use logic and reason on issues. She supports nearly all the Democrat Party’s odious positions.  She is like a jellyfish that can be pushed and squeezed to support the dumbest ideas.  Her positions include:

  • Has no discernible convictions; she goes in whichever direction the wind blows. She is an undisciplined leader who is easily influenced by the Democratic Party,
  • Votes to “do something,” even if something is not going to help, rather than doing the tough job of finding solutions to move the community forward, 
  • Sympathizes with voters’ concerns but still votes with hard-core leftist policies,
  • Voted in favor of the Equity Resolution that will be used to discriminate on the basis of race, which is, therefore, a racist policy and position,
  • Proposes woke ideas and lacks the ability to think critically through issues, and
  • Favors the placement of gun stickers on County buildings because some people were uncomfortable that law-abiding people could carry guns there.

  We expect our supervisors to think like adults because they make significant decisions about our daily lives.  Supervisor Umstattd has lost the ability to think things through, and in 2023, she should be retired. 

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