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LOUDOUN COUNTY, VIRGINIA, MAY 14, 2023 – More information has come out about the Loudoun Love Warriors, a group espousing violence and hatred toward Virginia citizens including Governor Youngkin, Lt Governor Sears, Attorney General Miyares, Loudoun Country Republican Committee Chair Pio, and more than 100 other Virginia citizens. 

Members of the Loudoun Love Warriors are affiliated with several Democrat-elected officials, including among others Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj, Board of Supervisor Chair Phyllis Randall, Supervisor Juli Briskman, School Board members Atoosa Reaser and Erika Ogedegbe, and candidate for Sheriff Craig Buckley and candidate for School Board At-Large Anne Donohue. Additionally, members of the Love Warriors are linked to Democrat Loudoun organizations such as Loudoun 4 All, Students Demand Action, the local Loudoun NAACP chapter, and the Minority Student Achievement Advisory Council.

Why did a “secret group” of leftist Democrats keep a list of Virginians that they wanted to track, dox, harass, mock, intimidate, threaten, assault, silence, and ultimately destroy?

Those are the actions of domestic terrorists.

Reporters who have viewed the Love Warrior messages provided by a whistleblower state that the Love Warrior terrorists felt using such tactics would protect Democrat officials from the backlash of Loudoun parents upset over the cover-up of the rape and sexual assaults of two girls by a boy identifying as a girl in Loudoun schools.

Why would anyone or any group want to cover up such terrible incidents as sexual assault in our public schools?

Because it threatens their hold on power, and through that power their ability to impose a radical, leftist social narrative that is fundamentally divisive and destructive to our community. 

Democrats say they want diversity, but the actions of the Loudoun Love Warriors speak louder.  What leftist Democrats really want is conformity in thought, quotas, and a caste system where some people are better than others simply because of immutable traits. 

The old saying, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” is gone.  It appears that a more accurate saying for Democrats in power is, “I disapprove of what you say, and therefore you will be silenced.”

Do you value freedom of speech?  Do you believe that differing viewpoints and open dialogue are vital for a healthy society? 

Free speech is a fundamental human right that enables individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs without fear of censorship or retaliation.  It is a cornerstone of our founding documents.

Free speech enables our community to participate in public discourse, explore different viewpoints, find common ground, provide a check on power, promote accountability, and encourages innovation and creativity.  Free speech is a powerful tool against tyranny and oppression.

In this upcoming election, please ask yourself which party values free speech and which party, by its actions, crushes free speech.

Vote accordingly.  

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