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Greg Moulthrop, candidate for Virginia Senate District-32 in Loudoun County, issued a statement in response to ABC News affiliate WJLA’s reporting of threats against Loudoun County residents:  

Background:  On May 9, 2023, WJLA reported that the Facebook group “Loudoun Love Warriors” posted hundreds of messages calling for violence against three Loudoun County residents who have publicly vocalized support for issues including parental rights and school safety.  The Facebook group includes members with ties to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, School Board, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Loudoun County candidates.  The Loudoun County Democratic Party is conducting their own investigation and vows to expel any members from their party who tolerated the threats.  The Republican Party of Virginia called the attacks “repugnant.”

“I strongly condemn threats of violence against any and all residents of our County. I entered the race for Virginia Senate because of the divisive, heated, and personal attacks on members of each party.  I believe we need candidates and elected officials who focus on delivering solutions rather than creating rhetoric.   I have been assured that Loudoun County Sheriff, Mike Chapman is fully aware and concerned about the threats, and I call for patience while his investigation is conducted.  At this time, I ask that we remember the impact to the three members of our community who received the violent threats.  It should not be controversial to stand with our neighbors, and to understand their fear for their own safety, and that of their families.  Political fights belong on the floor of the legislature, outside the chamber we must remain civil to one another.  We must change the way we do politics and this is our year.  Let’s restore a sense of community and civility, and focus on debating shared goals that improve the lives of all Virginians not tear us apart.  I believe that Loudoun County, and the Commonwealth as a whole, has a better, brighter, future in store for us all. ” 

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