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LOUDOUN COUNTY, VIRGINIA, JUNE 3, 2023 – Last Friday, the Loudoun County School Board hired Virginia Beach City Public Schools Superintendent Aaron Spence.

To find our new Superintendent, our School Board hired a company named GR Recruiting (https://www.grrecruiting.com/equity-for-all).  The company held community sessions where parent feedback and teacher perspectives were sought.  Parents wanted meritocracy and a safe environment.  Teachers wanted much better enforcement of discipline. 

Is that what we are getting with Mr. Spence?

No.  Mr. Spence is a radical leftist who is ideologically aligned with our radical School Board.  Like leftists in Loudoun, he prefers judging people by the color of their skin, lowering academic standards, increasing focus on cultural indoctrination, and ignoring discipline problems in school.   

Possibly, Mr. Spence’s single most notable achievement in Virginia Beach is that after 10 years of being in charge, Virginia Beach schools have seen more threats from students and more disruptive behavior than ever.


How did he accomplish that?

By implementing a task force to reduce suspensions based on equity (otherwise known as enforcing or not enforcing discipline based on skin color). 

Following Biberaj’s example of lowering incarceration rates by not prosecuting criminals, Spence lowered suspensions by not suspending students for misconduct.  As soon as that policy was implemented, discipline problems in his schools only increased. 

Everyone knows that when bad behavior goes without consequence, it only encourages more bad behavior.  Imagine trying to be a teacher in an environment where bad behavior isn’t punished.  Nothing else really matters if teachers and students don’t feel safe while at school.

What Spence should have been doing was raising the standard of character among his students.

The good news for Spence is he successfully ran away from the angry parents of Virginia Beach.  The bad news for us, he’s coming to Loudoun to continue making our schools infamous.    

Tiffany Polifko, a School Board member who puts student needs ahead of ideology, accurately summed up the situation:

“It is my belief that it is not the current School Board who should be selecting the next Superintendent to lead Loudoun County Public Schools. I understand that we need to heal, and we need to move on, but right now we have a gaping wound in our school system. And this current board is not the one in my belief who’s going to fix that wound. I will work with anyone. I work respectfully with anyone. But it is my sincere belief that in order to choose the proper leader for this school division, we need to have the proper leaders in place on the School Board to execute that decision. And in my opinion, we do not have that right now. So, I will not be supporting this selection of this superintendent during tonight’s vote.”

So, what do we do now?

This election, we need to fire leftist School Board members and vote in candidates who care about parental rights, who care about race-blind achievement, who care about discipline in schools, and who will tell the LCPS superintendent, administrators, and lawyers “NO.” 

Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, and talk to the parents at your kid’s soccer games.  Every voter you talk to has the potential to reach a hundred more voters.  Together, we can restore sanity to Loudoun County Public Schools.  

The following School Board members voted to hire Spence:
Atoosa Reaser (running for House of Delegates District 27)

Harris Mahedavi (running for re-election)

Erika Ogedegbe (running for re-election)

Jeff Morse

Ian Serotkin

Brenda Sheridan

The following School Board members voted against hiring Spencer:

Tiffany Polifko

John Beatty

Denise Corbo was absent.

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