Mike Turner, Ashburn Supervisor

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Why Does Democrat Supervisor Mike Turner Act Like a Lapdog for the Unions?  

Within the past four years, over 18% of campaign contributions to Mike Turner have been from unions. As such, he does not answer to the taxpayers of Loudoun County, he answers to the unions and their needs.

Based on his voting record, there isn’t a tax increase that Supervisor Turner doesn’t like. If catering to public sector unions means our tax bills must go up, he is happy to oblige. Supervisor Turner voted to impose an annoying grocery bag tax on us and has consistently voted for budgets that raise our home and vehicle property tax bills. 

Supervisor Turner also voted to give even more money to LCPS even as their enrollment numbers dropped, and the School Board was plagued with scandals. Mike Turner supported now-ousted Superintendent Scott Ziegler to the bitter end and refused to hold his administration accountable. 

While Supervisor Turner is congenial, his policies are not representative of those he represents in Ashburn. He voted for a study on the effects of Public Labor Agreements (PLAs) in Loudoun County (Yes, that study cost the taxpayers money.). When the study results did not confirm his pro-union biases, he basically supported the need to have PLAs anyway. Supervisor Turner didn’t care that PLAs increase costs for the taxpayers and push out smaller competitors, especially businesses owned by women and minorities.

Supervisor Turner is on a mission, and he will run over anyone who gets in his way. Ashburn needs a change—someone who doesn’t have union strings attached and who cares about the concerns of parents and taxpayers. 

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