Rafi Khaja – VA House 26th District

Rafi Khaja
VA House 26th District

Rafi Khaja is a father, educator and a professional. Your dedicated candidate for progress and positive change.

He is an Indian American. His father is a retired Deputy Commissioner of police and mother was a high school principal. Education and Public Safety were the two most important values he was raised with throughout his upbringing and he had utmost appreciation for both.

As a father of three kids, he strongly believes and agrees with Governor Youngkin's message "Restore Excellence in Education". Also, he supports giving parents greater decision-making power in the education system. He will strive to fix the degradation of meritocracy in the education system for Loudoun County and Virginia.

Moreover, he wants to support law enforcement by providing them with the necessary resources and adequate funding for training programs, modern equipment, and technology. This will help them to stay ahead of evolving criminal tactics and keep communities safe.

Join him as he strives to build a better future for the community and creates a stronger, resilient Loudoun County and Virginia.

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