Robbing Children of Their Youth

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Robbing Children of Their Youth

Democrat School Board members assume that they are doing the right thing for children.  Actually, they are doing the opposite.  They are robbing children of their youth.  They steal their innocence.  They make them hate each other based on their skin color.  

They indoctrinate kids with a false, unscientific religion that there are more than two genders or that children can be born in the “wrong body.”  They promote and “affirm” environments that can be attributed to mental illness.  

All people should be respected, but we should not create policies and regulations without scientific and objective evidence to support those decisions.  The Democrat-led School Board is preoccupied with gender and race ideologies. 

They are preoccupied with victimhood and encourage children to marinate in victimhood.

Their methods are some of the most insidious ways that wokeness is co-opting innocent children.  Parents are intentionally left in the dark by their children’s guidance counselors, principals, and teachers. These are adults in a position of authority, and they’re using that influence to convince children that they are broken, and that powerful hormones and surgeries are the cure. 

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