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Support for Sheriff Mike Chapman – 2023-04

LCRC Resolution 2023-04
Support for Sheriff Mike Chapman

The following resolution is offered in support of Sheriff Mike Chapman, who has led the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for the past 11 years and is seeking a fourth term this year.

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman presides over the largest and most successful full-service Sheriff’s Office in the Commonwealth of Virginia;

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman has been a loyal Republican, campaigning for Republican candidates for federal, state, and local office;

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman was recently named 2022 Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs’ Association and was voted 2022 Favorite Public Servant by readers of both Loudoun Now and the Loudoun Times-Mirror;

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman’s leadership has resulted in a 47% reduction in serious crime in Loudoun County, exponentially better than reductions in every surrounding jurisdiction;

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman defeated efforts by Democrats on the Board of Supervisors to take over law enforcement, turn public safety into a social experiment, spend $300 million or more in taxpayer monies, and put our citizens at risk;

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman has protected our children in Loudoun County Public Schools through innovative education and safety programs and by maintaining an effective School Resource Officer program in every middle and high school, despite the opposition of Democrats along with bureaucrats in Loudoun County Public Schools central administration;

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman has refused to allow the militarization of local law enforcement and has reduced the use of SWAT deployments and tasers by tenfold, while at the same time making Loudoun one of the safest major counties in America; and

WHEREAS Sheriff Mike Chapman has consistently respected the U.S Constitution, our First Amendment right to free speech and assembly, and the duties of his office; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Loudoun County Republican Committee thanks Sheriff Mike Chapman for his leadership and services, disavows any effort by current or prospective members to denigrate him or the Sheriff’s Office, and expresses our support for his re-election this year.


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